Internship wrap-up

First and foremost, I would like to thank the outreachy organizing team for coming up with such an amazing idea. When I left school, I was looking for ways of getting further involved with open source software, creating a network and building my skills and possibly forge a career. I had been volunteering as a documenter and tester when one of the community members mentioned outreachy.

Outreachy has been a dream come true for me. It is what I hoped for and much more.

My fear ☹

Starting out, my biggest fear was related to my lack of technical Information Technology skills. As a volunteer, I had the liberty to turn down roles that I felt were out of my skill set. But there I was, a paid intern with open source with the need to deliver efficiently and effectively, and terribly afraid of not meeting my goals.

However, the beauty with open source is that there is a community, one that has people with a diverse set of skills. And guess what, they are always ready to respond to queries in the community forums. In addition, outreachy internship mentors are always willing to guide interns where necessary. My mentors at mUzima mobile did a splendid job at making sure I got the help I needed. My fears did not see the light of day!!!!  ðŸ˜Š

Amazing things 😊

Working with mUzima mobile as an intern has been really amazing. I have seen myself grow, taking on tasks I would have initially shied away from because they seem too hard or too technical. The main objective of my internship was to improve documentation of the mUzima testing process through creating re-usable tests. In order to fully accomplish this, I had to fully understand the mUzima mobile application and the mUzima core module hence giving me an in-depth understanding of the project. Once I had documented all the tests, then came the testing of the different releases of the mUzima apk and core module against the created tests. While executing my tasks, I got to learn more about the mUzima software, how to troubleshoot, was able to identify bugs and most importantly improved my skills for software documentation and testing.

This internship has also improved my communication skills. As an intern, I participated in scrums three times a week and calls twice a week. Through the scrums, I communicated my progress and also raised any issues encountered during the course of the week while I used the calls to demo the projects I had worked on. This has greatly improved my presentation and communication skills. In addition, I have improved greatly as far as meeting deadlines is concerned. I am better at managing my time and working under pressure.

Though I fully accomplished my main internship objective, I intend to continue volunteering with mUzima as a documenter and tester. Most importantly, will be working towards improving mUzima user documentation on the mUzima wiki and website.


The skills I have acquired during my outreachy internship with mUzima are already proving useful in shaping my career. For the next 6 months, I will be working on a mobile health project where one of my roles will be developing a user guide. With the 3 months experience gained with outreachy, I have no doubt that I will do an excellent job with my new assignment!!!

Thank you Outreachy!!! Thank you team mUzima!!!

To OpenSource!!!


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